Friday Faves: Hair

Fekkai Hair Mask  (blue) $25 from Target

Fekkai Hair Mask
(blue) $25 from Target

Hey Guys! Welcome to our first ever Friday Faves post! We are super excited about this! 🙂 Okay! So, today this post is dedicated to hair! I’m pretty sure that the water here in Blacksburg is a whole lot different than the water back home and I notice such a difference in the way my hair looks at home versus here. I want it to always look and feel soft and smooth. When I’m in Blacksburg my hair feels coarse and always looks so dry! I started doing some research online about it and so many articles were saying to buy a filtered shower head. Wellll, I’m a broke college student and I didn’t feel right about spending $130+ on a filtered shower head, and to be honest I would have no idea how to install it anyways. So, I started considering other ideas! One of my favorites was using an intensive hair masque once a week. A side-note: I LOVE Target. And I mean really, really love Target. Huge heart eyes for that place. So I’m browsing around the hair section and come across this shelf full of products I have never seen before so I pick them up and start checking them out! Turns out they had a hair masque so I immediately put it in the cart.

About the Masque

The brand is called Fekkai PrX Reparatives. The one I have is an Argan extract and comes in a blue container. They also had another one in a pink container that was specifically for colored hair, but since I haven’t colored my hair in a while I chose the blue one! The smell is terrific–kinda vanilla-y. I would shampoo and condition my hair as usual, towel dry for a couple of minutes, and then apply the masque and leave it in my hair for 5-10 minutes while the hair is still damp.  I would then hop back in the shower and rinse it out with cold water, but you could also do this in the sink! 🙂 I loved the way my hair looked and felt after using it! It was shiny and smooth and looked as if I had just gone to get my hair done at the salon. My hair really hadn’t looked that healthy in a while! This was a bit of a splurge for me since it cost $25 but the results are totally worth it. I have also tried the OGX Hydrating Macadamia Oil Mask that was about $10 but compared to the Fekkai mask, the results weren’t as impressive for me personally! Let us know what your favorite hair mask is! We are always looking for new things to try! Have a great day and fabulous weekend! xoxo, A

Fekkai Hair Mask  (blue) $25 from Target

Fekkai Hair Mask (blue) $25 from Target

Fekkai for Colored Hair $25 Target

Fekkai for Colored Hair $25 Target

Cheaper Hair Mask Option- OGX about $10 Target

Cheaper Hair Mask Option- OGX about $10 Target


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