Put Your Pinterest Workout to Work

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sits on the couch with a bag of chips pinning workouts to my fitness board on Pinterest!? …Okay but really. I love looking at the Health and Fitness section of Pinterest and seeing all these cool ideas about mixing up your usual workout routine BUT do I ever get around to doing them? 99.9% of the time.. nope! So as I was scrolling through my board I thought, I’m going to pick a few and put them on my to-do list! Here are three of my favs!

Get more from your Pinterest workout!

1. One-Hour Cardio Interval Gym Workout (aka 60 minute death wish)

One Hour Interval Gym Workout! Crazy but so worth it!

My goodness this one was HARD! For any of you that know me personally know that it’s almost physically impossible for me to do the stair climber! Theres a really funny story about that I’ll share another time! But back to the workout.. I was totally drenched in sweat and completely exhausted! It was tough but I pushed through it and you can too! Thanks to Fit-Personality for this workout! 

2. 30-Minute Barry’s Bootcamp Treadmill Workout

30-Minute Barry's Bootcamp Copycat Workout-- This is killer!

This was a great workout for only being 30 minutes! (It’s actually 34 minutes with the cool-down) I was very intimidated at first by the incline, I mean who runs at an incline of 15!? People who definitely want to get their butt kicked by their workout in a short period of time, thats who! I use a Woodway treadmill at the gym so on the incline runs I would just grab onto the top of the treadmill so I didn’t fall backwards! Give it your all and I promise you’ll feel great afterwards! Thanks to popsugar for this workout 

3. Treadmill Workout: 30 Minute Pyramid Intervals

Pyramid Cardio Intervals! Love this workout!

This one was easier for me than the others but it was still such a good workout! It’s simple and you only run at an 8.0mph once for 1 minute, which is why I chose this workout! I’d almost always pick any other cardio machine over the treadmill BUT when I do use the treadmill I feel like I get a much better workout. That being said, I’m pretty new to the treadmill workout game and a workout with speeds between 8.0-10.0 really intimidate me! So, it was perfect for me speed-wise. This workout is great for endurance and building your speed! Thanks to popsugar for this workout!

So now it’s your turn! Click the images, print them out, and take them with you the next time you hit the gym! You won’t be sorry you did! 🙂



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