A Nanny’s Guide to Summer Fun

This summer, I have been a nanny for the two cutest boys! Coming up with ideas to entertain two boys all day is pretty hard. Kids have so much energy, so you have to constantly have something for them to do! A lot of fun activities can get expensive, so I found a few fun things that we have done for under five dollars, or free! Here are the things that we have done so far! 🙂

A Nanny's Guide to Summer Fun!

1. Free Movies- Most theaters will have summer movie programs where kids and their parents can watch some older family-friendly movies for free! Check with your local movie theater to see what they have!

2. Bass Pro Shop Family Activities- Bass Pro is not only a good place to just walk around and kill some time, but they have free activities for kids on certain days! They have a program where kids attend workshops on certain activities that are related to the store, and they go on a scavenger hunt to learn more about that activity. Once they have finished the scavenger hunt, they receive a lanyard with a special pin for each activity! The kids had so much fun looking for the clues and getting their pins!

3. At Home Science Experiments- There are so many fun, creative ideas on Pinterest for these at home science experiments! One experiment that we did was making flubber and silly putty! The kids were so involved and interested in how it was made and had so much fun playing with them afterwards! The materials used are materials that you can find in your house or easily purchase foran inexpensive price!

4. At Home Field Day/Obstacle Course- This is such a fun and easy activity that you can set up in your backyard! All materials can be found at home and is an easy clean up! I know in elementary school, I always looked forward to Field Day, so I thought it would be fun to have one at home! The boys loved it!

5. Beach/Pool Days- This is the best way to beat the summer heat! We love going to the beach or pool because it is relaxing and very fun! The boys can play with all of their friends and stay cool!

Have you ever been a nanny? What are some things you do while nannying or babysitting to keep your kids entertained? Let us know in the comments!



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