Livin’ on a Budget: Apartment Decor

Hey y’all!

Today we are talking apartment decor! I’ll never forget how excited my roommates and I were to pick a theme and pick out decorations for our new place! With all the enthusiasm and wanting things to look chic and welcoming, it’s hard to think about a budget. Decorating can be expensive, but if you shop smart and in the right places you’ll be able to stay within your budget with no problem! We’ve created a list of 4 decor stores that have discounts for students and some extra places with great deals. Enjoy!

Student Discounts for Apartment Decor

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FHE: Lip Sync Edition

Every Monday, my family gets together to have what we call Family Home Evening (FHE). This is a time where we can come together as a family one day each week to have a spiritual lesson and fun activities to go along! Yesterday we decided to have a short lesson and hold our own version of the Lip Sync Battles that Jimmy Fallon has on his late night shows! Read more…

Look Designer for Less!

Happy Monday!

Today’s post is dedicated to these amazing nude & brown handbags we’ve been crushing on! The bags that are displayed first are the designer brands that are wayyyy out of our price ranges, but they’re what’s in style so we came up with similar items that cost under $100 (which is more like it for us college girls). Enjoy!

Look Designer for Less: Handbag Guide

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Friday Faves: Skincare

Hey guys! Today on our Friday Faves we are talking about skincare! I don’t know about you guys, but I have always had a hard time trying to find the right face cleanser and moisturizer! After a lot of wasted time and money, I have finally found a few products that work for me & I am in love! Lush, the store that is known for their bath bombs and all their great skincare products, is my new best friend. I had never spent time in there before but I’m so glad I went! The products are made for specific skin types and last a long time! Here are a few of the products that I use each day! 🙂

Lush Cosmetics Favorites on the Blog!

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Put Your Pinterest Workout to Work

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sits on the couch with a bag of chips pinning workouts to my fitness board on Pinterest!? …Okay but really. I love looking at the Health and Fitness section of Pinterest and seeing all these cool ideas about mixing up your usual workout routine BUT do I ever get around to doing them? 99.9% of the time.. nope! So as I was scrolling through my board I thought, I’m going to pick a few and put them on my to-do list! Here are three of my favs!

Get more from your Pinterest workout!

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Our Vacation

This year, we spent a week in the Outer Banks with family and friends! Ashleigh was unable to go so I took one of my best friends, Kaci. We had a lot of relaxed beach days and fun family activities! Fortunately, there were no shark sitings, but the dolphins were popping up like crazy! Here are a few pictures from our trip! 🙂

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