Come what may

When I was younger, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sundays because I wasn’t allowed to hangout with my friends or do anything “fun”. After church my family would come home and we would just hang out around the house and spend time with each other. I didn’t like this as a teenager because if everyone in my house was napping after church, why couldn’t I go hangout with a friend?!

BUT, now being a couple years older and wiser.. I have grown to look forward to Sundays each week. Getting up, getting dressed, and going to church have a whole new meaning. Church in itself has a much deeper meaning to me now. We all need that time that we can devote to something we love and for me that is church on Sundays!

I have planned out my week so that I have no school work or any other form of work to do on Sundays unless I absolutely have to! It has been such a blessing to just devote the day to church, scripture study, and whatever calm, leisurely activity I can do around the house.

To me, Sunday is the most relaxing, pressure-free day of the week. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this day to recharge and get myself mentally and spiritually prepared for the week ahead!


I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend! How do you spend your Sundays?! Let us know!

P.S– I just got this book yesterday! I’ve heard great things about it. Has anyone else read it? 🙂



Friday Faves: Hair

Fekkai Hair Mask  (blue) $25 from Target

Fekkai Hair Mask
(blue) $25 from Target

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Beach Essentials :)

beach blog 2

Our family goes down to Nags Head for a week every summer vacation. It’s a week to enjoy the beach and time with our family. We leave in a few days, and of course, are just now starting to think about packing! Every girl needs to have the perfect beach essentials when traveling for a week or even just a day. First things first, you need the perfect bathing suit and your favorite sunnies! We thought we would add in our other favorite beach essentials that we use and love! 🙂

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Hello world!

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Hi guys!

We are just your average sisters who love new projects and adventures. We are so excited to start this blog and share our lives with you all! We love fashion, fitness, traveling, crafting, and anything else we can find to do in our spare time!

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