Livin’ on a Budget: Apartment Decor

Hey y’all!

Today we are talking apartment decor! I’ll never forget how excited my roommates and I were to pick a theme and pick out decorations for our new place! With all the enthusiasm and wanting things to look chic and welcoming, it’s hard to think about a budget. Decorating can be expensive, but if you shop smart and in the right places you’ll be able to stay within your budget with no problem! We’ve created a list of 4 decor stores that have discounts for students and some extra places with great deals. Enjoy!

Student Discounts for Apartment Decor

1. Pottery Barn (PB Teen)— When you sign up with your .edu e-mail address you can receive 10% off on anything from accessories to furniture

2. West Elm— Enjoy 15% off all day, every day on any products!

3. Urban Outfitters— Offers 10% off with each purchase

4. Pier 1 Imports— With a valid student ID, 15% off all purchases UPDATE: Pier 1 no longer does student discounts!

A few others..

Bed Bath & Beyond was our go-to when shopping for college living because they have so many coupons and you can apply as many as you want in each purchase! We collected a ton when we were about to head off to VT and we saved a lot of money on quality purchases!

Target is another go-to of ours because with a Target red card you can save 5% with each purchase. Target also seemed to be running amazing deals over the summer while students were prepping for dorm/apartment life.

Home Goods was where Ashleigh collected most of her throw pillows (a personal obsession), blankets, and bedroom & bathroom decor! Most of these were designer brands that were sold for much, much lower prices!

Another place that some people over look is Goodwill. Ashleigh bought a piece of furniture there for $10 in decent condition! Now this is a place that sells used items, but if you’re looking to furnish an entire apartment (like we were) buying used items is no problem! Goodwill also offers 10% off to those with valid student IDs.

one last tip..

Check your school’s Free & For Sale (or something of the like) Facebook pages! Most graduating seniors sell all of their furniture for super cheap prices because they just need to get rid of it!

There’s one month until school is back in session! Happy Shopping!


A & L

Update: Hey guys! We have revamped our blog and posted a brand new blog post! Head on over and check it out here! Let us know what you would like us to write about! We love you guys and appreciate you all so much!! Thanks for making what we do so much better! 🙂

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